12 killed in mass shooting at California bar

THOUSAND OAKS – At least 12 people were killed while 10 others were left wounded in what the international media called a mass shooting at a bar in Southern California today.
Police said that around 30 shots were fired at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, some 40 miles west of Los Angeles at 23:20 local time.

Officials say the suspect was found dead inside and have not yet identified him; they do not yet know his motive for the carnage.

The bar was hosting a college country music night on Wednesday, according to its website.

There were reports of pools of blood in the area, and responders shifted the injured to the hospital for medical treatment.

A witness said that a man fired several shots before tossing smoke bombs into a crowded bar.

It is the latest shooting incident in the United States, where gunmen regularly cause mass casualties and firearms are linked to more than 30,000 deaths annually.
Pittsburgh Shooting

In October, eight people died and at least six were injured in a shooting at a synagogue in the northeastern US state of Pennsylvania.
The gunman is said to have yelled “All Jews must die” as he entered the Tree of Life Synagogue, a Conservative congregation in Pittsburgh city and began firing during a baby naming ceremony, the CBS Pittsburgh reported.

Tree of Life Congregation is a Reform congregation affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism. A service was taking place at the time of the shooting, according to the synagogue’s official website.