18 Best Keyboard shortcuts

Computer use is very common today and millions of people use it in everyday country like Pakistan use it for everyday tasks.

However, if your desktop computer’s mouse gets damaged, it’s difficult to handle it only with the keyboard.

So if you know these keyboard shortcuts, you can also use Internet and other tasks just with your fingers.

Bookmark ad
Just press Ctrl + D on the keyboard instead of moving the mouse to save your favorite website page.

Delay forever
When you want to permanently delete a file out of a computer system, if you want to disappear without being recycle bin, click Shift + Delete.

Turn off the browser
Alt + F4 will work if you are playing games in the office and if you want to save your web activity from boss or for any reason.

Bring a desktop
If you have too many windows on the computer and want to access desktop instantly, it is possible from Window key + D.

Search for files or folders
It is possible not to be searched in all folders for a single file, but also using the Windows Key + F shortcut.

Zoom level change
Use Ctrl + scroll mouse wheel if you need to zoom in or out in a web or any other program.

Opening the browser closing tab
Have you accidentally closed any browser tab you were viewing and it’s too hard to find again? Try Trying Ctrl + Shift + T to open this page.

Switch to open programs
It will be all known as everyone else, like Alt + Tab, can be accessed from one to another window, but it can also be done by the window key + Tab in Windows Sone.

Take a screenshot
Press the Print Screen button for instant image or screen shot of anything on the screen This shortcut is useful for web pages where copy and paste are not allowed.

Refresh web page
If you want to know about a new update, refresh it with F5 or Ctrl + R to refresh the screen.

Backing up the browser page
On the browser you first open Google and then opened Facebook instead, but Alt + ← will be helpful if you want to go back to Google now.

Spelling or grammar check
The F7 button is helpful to ensure the best spelling and grammar.

Adding http: // www
Just enter the web name of the web browser as Google and then press Ctrl + Enter, http: // www and .com will be added automatically.

Go to the address bar
Help Ctrl + L or F6 if the mouse is not working and you want to quickly insert a new Web link browser.

Zoom on browser
There are three ways to zoom on the web browser. Controls and clicking 0 zoom default on reset. Zooms in by controlling and clicking + while zooming out – controls and – is done.

Lock your computer in seconds
If you want to lock the computer, click the windows and l keys, it will be locked. This is also the best truck for fun.

Make your window sound on any side of the screen
If you click the Windows button with any arrow (right, left, top, bottom), the window that opens in front of you will be on one side of the screen. Similarly, if you click on the Windows, Shift and any arrow button, your Windows will move towards it (like the right).

Easily repeat your last command in Axel
If you press the F4 button on Excel, it will start repeat your last command. For example, if you silicate a cell and highlight it with a color, you can just click on the F4 by selecting that high light any cell.