5 Ways to Define and Enhance Your Eyes While Wearing a Face Mask

Perhaps wearing Face Masks is the new normal ever since this year started, and we witnessed the outbreak of Coronavirus. Due to the adaptation of face masks, our eyes are pretty much the only way to express while the whole face stays covered. Chanel beauty ambassador says, “Eye contact is a fundamental aspect of communication, intimacy and a sign of honesty.” With that being said, this is the time to experiment with your eyes and draw the utmost attention using bright colors. Here we have mentioned five ways to define your eyes in the presence of a face mask.

Conceal and Brighten

Pick a non-creasing concealer that matches your skin tone because anything too light or dark will end up making you appear ashy or orangy. Apply your concealer to brighten the under eyes and the inner corners and blend it till it seamlessly melts into your skin and then set it with some powder.


Your eyes will lack the punch if you don’t define them, and for that, you need an excellent non-smudging eyeliner. But don’t go overboard with the eyeliner because it might not complement your features in the right way.

Curl to add volume

If you haven’t experienced the difference an eyelash curler makes, then you really need to get your hands one. Lightly curl your lashes and coat them with a lovely mascara, but don’t overcoat them because it’ll make them look clumpy and take away the beauty element.

Add some color

Apart from all the brightening and defining, feel free to experiment with some colors. You can go for natural, bright, or shimmery hues, depending on your mood.

Don’t forget the brows

Brows are technically the element that frames your eyes, and a lack of definition in brows makes the eyes appear less defined. Make sure to go for a lighter shade compared to your natural brow hair and fill the sparse areas very lightly to make them appear fuller. Brush them with a spoolie to make them look well-kept, and you’re good to go!