A Pakistani youngster develops a flying machine F-22

A young man invented a simple remote-controlled drone using reused materials in the Punjab district of Sialkot. According to reports, Faisal Shehzad, who holds a technical diploma, designed an experimental drone, F-22….

It says that the flying machine he designed has the potential to travel over 1,000 kilometres and can be used for a number of purposes. Faisal, while speaking to a private media outlet, said that he had created a drone after doing extensive research for a duration of one year and tireless efforts, adding that he encouraged the government to fund him so that he could create drones by using modern technology.

Last year, in September, two of Peshawar’s brothers had designed an ultralight helicopter with an incredible technology in the history of the country’s aviation.

Qazi in his interview said, “I observed a James Bond movie in 1978, and it became the source of my inspiration to develop an ultralight aircraft.”

Sajjad also reported that the helicopter had been designed at a cost of over 1.5 million PKR and could fly up to 6,000 feet and could be used for various purposes, including aerial spraying.