Ali Azmat and Strings challenged each other for a musical face off

Social media is flooded with a VERY important question Pop Vs Rock music. It’s been days now since this debate and tussle is going on, well Pakistani’s sure are very serious about their music. Fans have come together from both sides to show support for their favorite genre. It all started from a hashtag #PopVsRock which has shaken things up.
Ali Azmat sure is the king of Rock while Strings are the best representatives of pop music. People have been divided and the Internet is going crazy. Things got a lot more serious when singer ‘Xulfi’ jumped in with his Facebook post , fueling things up. Not long after Ali Azmat and Strings were up for a challenge ready to defend their Genre’s.

Ali Azmat and Strings came out defending their genres with online videos. What do you think, who should be the winner?