Allied forces killed in Syria: 38 killed in Syria

Wednesday, November 14 , 2018 | 13:45
According to Damascus (UNP) human rights organizations, more than 32 people, including 32 civilians, have been killed in the ongoing anti-insurgency group “ISIS” in Syria. A report released by the Human Rights Institute of Scientific Neurosystems for Human Rights I have been told that the United States-led coalition allied forces bombed the Islamic settlements in late Zabul area last week, killing 32 people including 32 civilians. The latest rights group, Rami Abdur Rehman’s Allied Allies 22 of the families associated with extremist groups in bombardment
The people were killed. Of these 4 children are included. In the long-term areas, the Seren Democratic Forces are active in the areas of the region, and the US and the Allies support it, when the Turkish forces after the action against the group, The operation has stopped.