American Pays $110,000 to Hunt Markhor in Pakistan

Bryan Kinsel Harlan has become the third American citizen to hunt Pakistan’s national animal, markhor, in Gilgit Baltistan. He has also made the record of paying the highest-ever fee for hunting the Himalayan goat.

The Gilgit-Baltistan wildlife department has revealed that Bryan successfully hunted a flare-horned markhor from Sassi-Harmosh community conservation area.

The American national paid a whopping $110,000 as a permit fee for hunting the rare wildlife species in the region. It is the highest permit fee ever paid in Pakistan.

The markhor had 41-inch horns, which is deemed a good-sized trophy.

The said permit was auctioned last year for just four flare-horned markhors. After this hunt, only one markhor is allowed to be hunted in the GB region. Notably, the wild species have become a good source of income for the local communities under the trophy-hunting program.

The first markhor under the permit was hunted on Jan. 16 by an American, John Amistoso. He paid $100,000 for the hunt of the highest-rated Astore Markhor in the Bunji area of Gilgit.

The second Astore Markhor was hunted by the US citizen Dianda Christopher Anthony for $105,000. Moreover, around 50 wildlife animals have been hunted by national and foreign hunters in GB, under the trophy-hunting season 2018-2019.