Anam Malik quits modelling to follow faith

Model Anam Malik has quit the world of Fashion.

She recently took to her Instagram to announce her departure from the modeling industry. Thanking her fans for appreciating her hijab, she shared that currently she is taking time to learn more about Islam and gain more knowledge.

“Thank you so much for your love and appreciating my hijab. People are asking that why I left modelling and started wearing hijab,” se wrote on her Instagram story.

Malik added that she will soon reveal the reason behind leaving modeling.

Concluding her message, she wrote: “INSHALLAH, I will talk about it and will share my journey very soon but right now I am exploring a lot of new things, trying to educate myself and I need some time for it.”

Malik started her modeling career in 2012 and has worked with high-end fashion brands and designers. She also made an appearance in a movie titles ‘Maya’. Anum is married to musician Jibran Raheel and they share two daughters Ayat and Alaya.

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