Android texts to Get iMessage Feature Soon

Android texts is soon going to receive an important update along with some great features that are already available with its rivals, such as iMessage Feature. Its rivals are working on RCS, rich communication services which is powering next generation texting for Android. However Google is not able to make RCS a universal standard however it is trying to incorporate other technology to enhance the adoption among people.

Android Texts to Receive iMessage Feature

According to leaks and rumors, Google is working to give Android messages some more feature including emoji reaction. There was a tweet from leakster who revealed a beta code for messages, showing emoji reaction feature. Through this feature users can express agreement, amusement by selecting an emoji that suits their mood perfectly.

This type of feature is already available for other platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Apple’s iMessages. Right now this feature is not officially released however it has RCS toolbelt that has incorporated new features like receipts, typing alerts and messaging over wi-fi and LTE.

In this way, Android Messages will be able to compete with its rivals. With the implementation of RCS, the overall outdates system of Android will be updates and more people will adopt this platform.