Apple forced WordPress for In-App Purchase

The internet cracked up a bit to figure out that WordPress has successfully pressured Apple to monetize its free software — pushing it presumably to offer subscription plans and custom domain names just to fulfill Apple’s traditional 30% cut….

Apple has cut off updates to the iOS WordPress (WP) app because it wants a 30% cut of the money”, WP founder Matt Mullenweg revealed on Friday.

WordPress is a content management open-source system for the iOS app that lets you design and build your website for free right from your iPhone or iPad. WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg says that Apple has restricted updates in the app until he decides to purchase in.

The WordPress app helps you to create and manage your websites from your smartphone free of charge. It offers domain names and website bundles on its website as well.

Apple will get a 30% commission on in-app payment

For most app subscriptions and purchases made in apps, Apple requires a share between 15% and 30%. Although there are several exceptions to this for companies having an active credit card on file for iPhone users. And they will make an in-app payment that will be of benefit to Apple.

Apple’s statement on Saturday:

Mullenweg agreed to in-app purchases in order to obtain the support for updates and bug fixes. He says that in the next 30 days the app will add brand new purchases for domain names. Apple approved in response to WP updates, Apple agreed.

Mullenweg also has an alert tweeted to apps that have the same functionality to WordPress on iOS, do not provide in-app purchasing. “My guess is they will get similar feedback soon so I’d encourage them to start making [in-app purchase] plans,” Mullenweg said late Friday.

Apple has reportedly suspended the famous “Fortnite” video game from the app stores for violating the payment guidelines in-app, prompting developer Epic Games to file federal antitrust lawsuits that question their policies. In brief, a developer was successfully forced by the richest company in the world to monetize free software in order to make revenue.WP is only one of the few companies that have made the matter public. Also, other big-names are suffering from “Apple tax”.