Army rescues two Spanish mountaineers from K-2 base

The Pakistan Army on Tuesday rescued two Spanish mountaineers from K-2 base under extreme harsh weather conditions, reported Radio Pakistan.

Rescued mountaineers, Jon Barredo and Eva Robles, thanked the armed forces of Pakistan for saving their lives.

Pakistan’s second highest peak, K-2,  is 28,251 feet high. It is located in the Karakorum Mountains along the border between China and Pakistan which is infamous for high winds, steep icy slopes and high fatality rates for climbers.

Earlier, on Jan 27, the Army had started a rescue operation for the two foreign mountaineers who went missing at Nanga Parbat mountain.

“An operation is in progress in response to a request for rescue of one male and one female foreign mountaineers who are stuck in bad weather at Nanga Parbat,” said the ISPR.

This happened a day after Elisabeth Revol, from France, and Polish national Tomek Mackiewicz were spotted through binoculars by fellow climbers at the base camp.

Scaling Nanga Parbat, which is also known as ‘a killer mountain’,  is not a cake walk. It earned the nickname ‘killer mountain’ after more than 30 climbers died trying to conquer it before the first successful summit in 1953.