Asim Bajwa Appreciates Imran Khan For His Impressive Speech At UNGA


The CPECA Chairman says that Imran Khan delivered a comprehensive speech at United Nations General Assembly, calling it “worth appreciating”.

ISLAMABAD:  China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Authority (CPECA) Chairman Asim Bajwa appreciated Prime Minister Imran Khan for his remarkable speech at the United Nations’ General Assembly.

Taking to Twitter, Asim Bajwa, the retired lieutenant General, said that Imran Khan speech was comprehensive speech and worth appreciating, and therefore, every Pakistani was feeling proud of Imran Khan.

He wrote: “PM Imran Khan’s substantive address to UNGA made every Pakistani proud&truly represented.His clear stand on Kashmir, Palestine,regional peace, pledge to lift our masses out of poverty,stern warning to India on any misadventure and much more-worth appreciating #PMImranKhanAtUNGA,”.

In his speech, Imran Khan exposed Indian civil and military leadership for committing human rights violations in Indian Illegally Occupied Kashmir. He also exposed Hindutva mindset and their extreme approach, barbarism of Modi government on Indian Muslims and threat to neighboring countries by India. He also said that the Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him is the role model for the entire humanity. Imran Khan also highlighted illegal occupation on Kashmir and Palestine and great sacrifices of the people living in both parts of the world.