Big Aleister Black update revealed after Zelina Vega’s WWE release

The backstage situation about Aleister Black has now been revealed following Zelina Vega’s WWE release.

Zelina Vega’s WWE release happened before this week’s SmackDown.
Zelina Vega’s WWE release is the biggest story in the world of pro wrestling right now, and it absolutely came out of nowhere.

WWE confirmed the release in the hours leading up to SmackDown, and Zelina Vega has since also issued a statement addressing the development.

One of the most critical questions currently being discussed by the fans is regarding the WWE status of Aleister Black. Will Aleister Black also be released from the WWE? How is his relationship with the WWE management?

WrestleVotes provided an update on the Zelina Vega situation, which also included a note about Aleister Black.

It has been revealed that the former NXT Champion recently put in a request to move back to the Black-and-Gold brand. It was noted that the request couldn’t be directly tied with Zelina Vega’s release. For what it’s worth, WWE reportedly turned down Aleister Black’s plea to be sent back to NXT.

There is also also a lot of frustration on both ends of the spectrum.

Here’s what WrestleVotes revealed:

There’s a bit more behind the scenes to the Zelina Vega release. Frustration from both sides is an understatement. While it can’t be directly tied to today’s news, Aleister Black recently requested to move back to NXT and was denied. Dissension amongst the parties involved.

Why did WWE release Zelina Vega?

Zelina Vega’s WWE release essentially boiled down to WWE’s edict about Twitch. WWE intended to take control of the Twitch accounts of the Superstars, and Zelina Vega stood her ground against WWE’s decision.

Vega even posted a tweet minutes before her WWE release in which she voiced her support for the unionization of wrestlers. As reported by PWInsider, Zelina Vega was very vocal about keeping hold of her Twitch account ownership. The Superstars, including AJ Styles and Xavier Woods, had a meeting with Vince McMahon and it failed to change the boss’s mind. Zelina Vega, however, continued to stream.