‘Big news’ expected as Pakistan sets stage for mega offshore oil, gas exploration

KARACHI – Multinational companies are set to start offshore drilling in Karachi sea for the discovery of oil and gas soon.

The announcement was made by Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi on his Twitter handle stating, “Supply ships transporting equipment to “Mother of All Rigs” docked 230km off the Karachi coast for exploration of oil & gas arrived at KPT”.

He also wished best of luck to the companies, ExxonMobil and ENI, for the drilling that is expected to make game changer discoveries.

Zaidi wrote, “Best of luck to ExxonMobil & ENI when they start drilling”.

The federal minister also urged the people for prayers for a global discovery and hoped that there would be big news.

“Let us all pray for a global discovery. From the looks of it, big news Inshallah,” he concluded the tweed.

Following the announcement, the numbers of social media users extended best wishes over launching the mega drilling.

Renowned journalist Hamid Mir said, “Best of luck Pakistan drilling will be started soon for the discovery of oil and gas and this discovery can be a real game changer”.

Last month, Exxon Mobil, the world’s biggest oil and gas company, had announced that it will reinvest in Pakistani market after a gap of nearly three decades.

A company’s delegation, led by LNG Market Development Chairperson Emma Cochrane, called on Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday at the PM House and informed him of projects.
The PM welcomed the resumption of Exxon Mobil operations in Pakistan and assured the delegation of free and safe business operations in the South Asian country.

The Texas-based firm has made major strides to re-enter the Pakistani market to start country’s first offshore oil drilling. Exxon Mobil also plans to build Pakistan’s third import liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in partnership with Pakistani consortium Energas.