Bikers & Petrol Pump Staff Are Openly Violating ‘No Helmet No Petrol’ Rule

A few months ago, ‘no helmet no fuel’ initiative was launched in the twin cities. The idea was to decrease the number of casualties due to road accidents. However, the effort has been completely outwitted and ridiculed.

Some CCTV camera visuals shared on social media have shown that several fuel pumps in Islamabad and Rawalpindi are offering the headgear for a limited time. The videos circulating on social media show that the petrol pumps are offering ‘rent a helmet’ to the riders just for the petrol. They wear the headgear, get the fuel and return it to get on their way.

In Pakistan, Punjab government had launched the initiative in December on the orders of the Lahore High Court. Following Punjab, the federal capital’s administration also issued the same orders. This idea was first launched in Bangladesh and was later adopted by India.

While it has been a success in both Bangladesh and India, people of Pakistan have thrown it to the dustbin.

There are some complaints that the bikers in Rawalpindi borrow a helmet to get their fuel and return it after getting the job done.

Via: Business Recorder