A fire that had erupted at a wood godown in the city’s North Karachi area was brought under control, rescue officials said, adding that it initially spread fast as it was consuming the wood stored inside.

According to the officials, at least six fire brigade vehicles were on the site and engaged in trying to douse the fire, the flames of which were tall and intense.

At least 70 percent of the blaze was under control, the chief fire officer said, adding that the cooling process was underway.

As of reporting time, he said he did not have any reports of fatality neither could he comment on the extent of the damage caused.

He did, however, mention that sheets inside the godown fell down and that the wood shavings had made their work a bit complicated.

He noted that it would take another two hours at least to completely cool down the site of the fire.
The residents of the area cooperated a lot, for which he was grateful, he added.

“There was a bit of a challenge in bringing the water since the hydrants are far away and it took some time to transport it,” he said.

Earlier, officials had informed that while there was no person inside the godown at the time of the blaze, they are attempting to access it from the back door as well, considering that the one on the front is too challenging to go near to and also completely blocked by the fire.
“No time frame as to when the fire will be under control or doused can be given,” they had said, adding that their priority was to try and control the fire from spreading at the moment.