Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Release New Wine Together As They Hash Out Custody Agreement


Here’s hoping that a bitter custody battle produces a sweet wine. After Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were spotted having a ‘tense’ talk, the former couple is releasing a brand new wine together. Wait, what?

What do you think a bitter custody battle tastes like? Perhaps it’s a bit dry? Maybe it has a full body? Does it pair well with a nice blue cheese or Gruyere? We’ll find out on March 5, as that’s when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s winery, Miraval, will release a brand new rosé. Titled “Studio by Miraval,” according to Entertainment Tonight, the wine is “a blend of estate-grown Grenache, Rolle, Cinsault and Tibouren grapes, and is named after the property’s past as a recording studio.” Artists like Pink Floyd, AC/DC, and Sade have all recorded at this winery, after Jacques Loussier, a Jazz musician who owned the winery in the late 1970s, installed a studio above the wine cellar.

Brad, 55, and Angelina, 43, finalized the purchase of the winery in 2012, and they actually tied the knot on the property in August 2014. There were rumors that the 1200-acre French estate would be put up for sale after the two announced their separation in 2016, but it seems they have figured out a way to co-own the winery. Perhaps they couldn’t bear to part with, according to ET, Miraval’s “award-winning line of rosé.”

Can wine heal all wounds? Here’s hoping, because Brad and Angelina reportedly had a ‘tense’ talk on Jan. 30. The former couple appears pleasant and amicable towards each other in the photos taken of the face-to-face, but The Blast reported that Brad was pacing back and forth, while Angelina was “visibly upset.” The two reportedly met to hammer out some details regarding custody of their six kids, as they currently have a temporary deal in place and have been working towards a permanent arrangement for quite some time.


Brad agreed to the meeting because “he was hoping to come to some compromise with Angelina,” a source  told us. It’s been over two years since Angie filed for divorce, and the source says Brad is “tired of arguing with [her] through lawyers of the many details of their split.” He was hoping to “tackle things directly” and “find some common ground” on the many issues. Sadly, the meeting was “difficult,” and the source says “little progress [was] made.”