‘Chacha Cricket’ Sustains Injuries After Falling in a Manhole

Pakistan cricket’s most recognizable cheerleader, Chacha Cricket, has been severely injured during the ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Abdul ‘Chacha Cricket’ Jalil sustained various injuries falling into a manhole near the stadium, where he was present to root for the PSL teams.

He suffered various injuries and has been put on bed rest by the doctors. Speaking about the incident, he said:

When I was returning home on Monday after watching the PSL match I fell into a manhole. I received injuries in my abdomen and lower part of the ribs.

“I am in great pain,” Chacha Cricket added. He further asked the authorities to take notice of the situation before someone gets seriously injured during the crowd pulling event.

This is not the first time Abdul Jalil has pointed fingers at the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). He has previously blamed the board for going back on their promises to financially support him.

The PCB should be renamed after what it did to me. The coaches are being paid Rs. 5 million per month but they are not sponsoring me for even Rs. 50.

“I had a verbal agreement with the cricket board when they brought me [to Pakistan] from Abu Dhabi.” Jalil said that he resigned from his job where he monthly earned Rs. 70,000.