Citizen Portal App Has Resolved 100,000 Complaints to Date: Prime Minister

Pakistan Citizen Portal App is being used extensively ever since its launch two months ago. Many people have sounded off about the initiative and are making their experiences heard regarding the various complaints made so far.

According to a recent tweet by none other than the Prime Minister himself, the app has crossed the mark of 100,000 resolved complaints in a short span of 60 days. He termed it as the ‘highest & fastest grievance redressal’ in history.

He further urged Pakistanis to use the app.

Issues Remain

As expected, the app has as many admirers as it has its critics. The main complaint regarding this app is that it marks a complaint resolved without even addressing the issue. Many have reported that they received a call after submitting the complaint, and the status turned to resolved without any action taken.

Moreover, some registered users also resent that their issues remain unaddressed even after two months.

The makers behind the app, as well as the government functionaries that are obligated to serve the general public, both must listen to the feedback offered by normal users of the citizen portal app. If handled properly, this app has the potential to revolutionize how the common man’s issues can be resolved efficiently and diligently.