CM Security Antivirus

Protect your android from potential attacks and virus threats.

Downloading CM Security Antivirus 5.1.7

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Download Security Master – Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster formerly CM Security Antivirus. A free Android anti-virus to protect your device from potential attacks and virus threats. Protect your android device against virus content that can infect your applications and data. You can also prevent other people from browsing your private apps with the application locking feature.

This app can be termed as all in one app. Security Master app has an Antivirus, VPN, AppLock and a phone Booster. Its one-stop security, maintenance and optimization app for Android. Instead of downloading different apps for all these different functions, just download this single app and get the work done. The app is free to download and use but the adds are a nuisance so beware.

Security Master’s main function is the antivirus engine. It do a good job of scanning your device for malicious apps. Not only this it also comes with a custom browser blocks ads while anti-phishing protection prevents you from accessing malicious URLs, keeping many web threats at bay.

With the real-time protection of the Security Master, you can automatically scan for downloads, updates, web sites and file systems, and quickly take precautions to detect security vulnerabilities. The application, which also has an automatic security shield, is able to fully protect your device against possible threats. Other features are unnecessary file cleaning, memory card scanning and call blocking.


Its VPN is powered by HotSpot shield and does a fairly good job but with the limited bandwidth of 200MB which not enough for proper usage.


Its AppLock feature enables protecting any or all of your apps with a pattern, a PIN or a fingerprint scan. If someone tries to get in anyway but fails, you can have Security Master take a photo of the intruder and email it to you.

It doesn’t end here the apps Built-in wi-fi checking aims to identify suspect wireless networks. An anti-theft alarm raises an alert if someone moves your phone, and a message security system combines notifications into one, making them easier to manage.

Booster claim to optimize your device by deleting junk files. Clearing away useless notifications, keeping your CPU cool and extending your battery life.

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