CoA Student Becomes First Pakistani Woman With European Aircraft Maintenance License

Rosheen Saleem Vazeer has become the first Pakistani woman to receive the European Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) license.

She’s a student of the Center of Aviation, enrolled at the institute for a three-year EASA Modular Aircraft Maintenance Engineering program. Additionally, she has completed three years of practical experience at the center.

After gaining the European AME license, Rosheen is now able to work in more than 180 countries across the globe where EASA standards are applicable.

It needs to be noted here that Aircraft Engineering is an unconventional field for females. Rosheen is among the few who not only completed their degree but also got to pursue their professional aspirations.

Center of Aviation provides opportunities to girls like Rosheen in attaining this license on its campuses in Karachi and Islamabad.

According to Managing Director CoA, Talha Izhar, they believe that the aviation sector can contribute a lot to the country’s economy. He said that the license costs about Rs. 8 million globally. However, the CoA is making it available for less than Rs. 1 million.

“We highly encourage girls to undertake this course, and we offer both need and merit-based scholarships to support their studies. Our partner network within Pakistan and abroad allows us to deliver high-quality education in Pakistan and provide a practical experience which is a core part of this program,” said the MD.

He added that CoA is the largest provider of European standard Part 66 examinations in Pakistan. Its Islamabad campus is based at the Institute of Space Technology.

Rosheen also thanked her institution for providing this opportunity. “They (center) greatly support female students in this program, and I am looking forward to starting my professional career in the aviation industry. I would encourage all girls to explore these new fields which offer much better job prospects, within Pakistan and abroad,” she said.