Desi Deadpool asks Pakistanis where to go next?

The ‘Merc with a Mouth’ is back and in Lahore this time!. Photo: DablewTee screenshot

Now let’s be real. Deadpool is the best Marvel superhero. Sure he may be a mercenary but he gets the job done, well almost always.

But now let’s talk about the Desi Deadpool, the mercenary who after an eight-minute stint in 2016, is back on the Internet. Only this time, he is being touristy around Lahore as opposed to three years ago when he went to the Walled City and ate samosas.

Back in SK Productions’ 2016 clip, he offered breaking news to his fans, highlighted getting candies instead of change as a customer, and hung out with Captain America, Superman, and Batman in a video game-like scene.

However, though again in Lahore, he now sports a better costume and fans get to listen to some of the old music again, with all the adult lyrics and jibes on desi culture!

While the new video has been made by a channel called DablewTee, it is not clear if it is the same team that was behind the one from 2016 or whether it is still Vesta Najmi under the mask.

The original Desi Deadpool upheld justice by stopping mobile snatchers, and of course, the oft-overlooked crime of cashiers not returning spare change and offering its worth in éclairs. Deadpool quickly put an end to that nonsense or maybe not.

Using the same soundtrack as the original, the video kicks off with the rap:

“Goli maar ke tujhe aise nachata, aik hath me katana, dusre me paratha”

“Saare log apni khidkiyan band kar, Hollywood se aaya Pakistan ke wo andar, Marvel ka sabse sexy mast qalandar.”

And then he gets on to doing what he is best known for. Being Deadpool.

The Desi Deadpool basically spends his time just loitering around Lahore, and taking pictures with eager fans.

He also ends up indulging in antics like vandalism and peeing on public walls. That sounds like Deadpool alright.

If that wasn’t enough, he even steals juice boxes from a stranger and bananas from a fruit cart and is even seen eating a raita wali chat from a thhayla’.

However, this is the not the last we’ll be seeing of Desi Deadpool.

He actually asked where we’d like him to head out next.

So, where would you like to see Deadpool next?