Dropbox is Launching a File Sharing Service With a Huge 100GB Limit

Dropbox is introducing a new feature to its palette called the ‘Dropbox Transfer’. This option will allow the users to share files with other users or non-users without having to share access for collaboration.

Dropbox is basically looking to revolutionize file sharing with its transfer feature. Users will be able to share files as large as 100GB.

Moreover, the new feature will give the owner much more control over the shared files. Owners will be able to set passwords and expiry dates on the download link to keep it secure.

Also, the owner will be notified after every download and the user on the other side will get a copy instead of the original file. These features are found in other file-sharing or transfer services but none of them has a sharing capacity as large as 100GB.
Apart from giving more controls to the sharer, Dropbox will also let the users customize and stylize the download page with different colored backgrounds and logos. This is particularly a huge deal for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The Dropbox transfer is currently in the testing phase and will be rolled out as a permanent feature soon.