Dua Mangi Reveals More Details About Her Kidnappers

The kidnapped students reveals that the kidnappers looked professional criminals,they talked in Urdu and never tortured her during her seven-day abduction.
KARACHI: Dua Mangi, the student who was kidnapped from DHA area of Karachi, revealed more details about the kidnappers that they looked professional criminals and used to talk with each other in urdu.

Dua Mangi who returned home last week after seven day abduction by the kidnappers quoted the suspects saying that she was picked up due to her apparent look and clothes.

“The kidnappers said we thought that you (Dua Mangi) might be rich due to your apparent look and life style,” the kidnapped student quoted the kidnappers.

“We thought you belong to some rich family,” Dua further remembered the statement of the criminals. A local newspaper also quoted Dua Mangi saying that the kidnappers thought her from any rich family due to her clothes and apparent look.

“They kept me in detention for seven days and kept my eyes covered,” the student said. According to the victim family the kidnappers live somewhere between Safora Chungi and Hassan Square as the father of Dua Mangi was also called there.

Dua Mangi was released by the abductors after her family paid heavy ransom to the kidnappers during the week-long abduction. The kidnappers, according to the family, set all terms and conditions with the family through social media and demanded ransom from the victim family. During the live chat with the family, the kidnappers also asked Dua’s family to show them the entire house.

“The kidnappers also saw the different corners of the house,” the victim family said.

Sindh police failed to reach any logical end during the whole case of Dua Mangi as they could not asses the location of the kidnappers and could not recover the victim girl without payment of ransom.

The family and friends appealed to the authorities for early recovery of Dua Mangi soon after she was abducted by kidnappers in DHA area of Karachi on last Sunday morning. The kidnappers also fired and left a boy who was accompanying Dua at the time of kidnapping, seriously injured.