Emergency Alerts App Launched By KP Government

Yesterday the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government announced the launch of a new emergency alerts app ‘Emergency Alert PDMA KP’. It was recently made available on the Play-Store; the app aims to provide guidelines on how to deal with natural disasters and emergencies.

What will the Emergency Alerts App do?


Radio Pakistan reported that the app will also include information about relief activities, road blockage, event maps and warnings. It is also said to constantly update people on a number of different topics. These include upcoming rain forecasts, potential flood warnings, weather alerts and river flow reports.

The app could serve as a great initiative in educating people about various natural calamities and more importantly how to deal with them. Thus saving their lives from any potential threats.

The application will be supplied information by the Provincial Disaster Management Agency and also work on compiling incident reports on the natural calamities.

How important is the app?


The app comes at a very important  time where devastating recent reports showed that 5 people lost their lives, with another 18 injured in incidents related to the rain. PDMA reported that these incidents were spread across KP. Furthermore, a recent landslide in Kaghan caused many people’s cars to become severely damaged.

Thus the app can help to protect people’s property and more importantly their lives.

The app is now available on the Play-Store to download click on the following link: Emergency Alert PDMA KP