Facebook is Officially Bringing Ads to WhatsApp

Facebook is bringing you a new year’s gift, a big update patch for WhatsApp – and most of us might not like the new version.

The popular messaging app will soon be used by the social media giant to display adverts. WhatsApp has always been an ad-free application, and it even vowed to its users that it will never be used to show ads or to generate ad revenue.

This update has already been in the news, as Facebook – which bought WhatsApp back in 2014 for billions of dollars – has been working to use WhatsApp to generate revenue for its ad business. Reportedly, the app’s ‘Status’ feature will get monetized, and users will view ads while using the feature.

The Status feature, by the way, is exactly the same as ‘Stories’ in Facebook and Instagram (copied from Snapchat), that lets you post an image, video, or text status that expires after 24 hours. The ads, or ‘Status ads’ according to WhatsApp vice president Chris Daniels, will soon be displayed while accessing statuses within the app.

The vice president notified,

We are going to be putting ads in ‘Status’. That is going to be primary monetization mode for the company as well as an opportunity for businesses to reach people on WhatsApp.

This update, which received heated controversy from WhatsApp users across the globe, is finally being put to place.

Brian Acton – WhatsApp’s co-founder resigned from the company after it was acquired by Facebook. In a number of interviews, he said that he disagreed with the social network giant’s “unethical” use of people’s personal data and that the company’s policies were not in line with what WhatsApp initially promised.

According to him, ‘Targeted Advertisement’ – Facebook’s primary business model is the worse part of all of it, mainly because it consistently monitors each user’s personal data and online activity.

And since Facebook has been caught using Whatsapp for its ads business secretly, the social network now plans to make more revenue by adding adverts to the world’s most popular messaging app.