Facebook LOL-A New Meme App For Teen Users

Facebook is quite active in bringing back its lost users. Now According to some reports, Facebook is testing a new app for its teen users. Facebook LOL is a new meme app for teen users. The company has also confirmed that it’s testing LOL. The app is a simple feed of funny videos and GIFs. Everything is categorized by topics such as pranks, animals, and fails but others will be added as the development progresses.

Facebook LOL is a simple feed of funny videos and GIFs
The app is privately in beta with 100 high school students in the United States. They are testing Facebook LOL after signing NDA (non-disclosure agreements) with parental consent. The students are getting LOL as a replacement for the Watch tab. Facebook has also not announced any release date of this app. Also, the company has not decided yet whether it should be available as a standalone app or it will be part of the main app.

No doubt, after launching failed projects like Lasso, IGTV, and Watch, Facebook has lost its active users. Now the company is trying to cut its losses and come up with something that will bring back many of its lost users.

Also, the company has redesigned its Messenger app. The number of shortcuts and fancy buttons that were not used by most users has been removed. There are just three new tabs for the users now instead of nine that brought clean-looking whitespace to the interface. The three tabs are chats, contacts, and an explore tab, similar to Instagram.