Facebook to Discontinue Classic Design Interface in September

Facebook has revealed that soon it is going to discontinue its classic design. Though there is no mandatory date of the closure however the end of these services will take place somewhere in the coming September. In this way, the users of these social media services will be forced to use the new interface that was unveiled in 2019 and rolled out to users in chunks. Right now users are given the choice to either use the new design or switch back to classic design Interface as most of the users love it and have familiarity with it as well…

The new interface is better and has a modern look and has even dark mode available for users but the drawback is that it doesn’t have Facebook’s classic blue navigation bar. The users who are shifting back to the classic interface are getting a warning message that this old experience will not be available in September.

Wave Goodbye to Facebook Classic Design Interface

This is not the first time, Facebook tried to urge its users to use the new default experience, but it seems people are more comfortable with the old one. The company support page still has an Faq informing people about how to switch back to Facebook classic interface, but now it also tells them that the service will not be available after September.

Let’s accept that the new interface is designed in a better way and is more cleaner and looks less clustered. It has a streamlined navigational approach. But people will take some time to adopt these changes. Let’s see how people will respond to it.