Facebook to Replace Smartphones with Smart Glasses

Facebook is working on the biggest project that we can ever expect. It is working with a new tech giant, with an aim to replace smartphones with smart glasses. Yes, you have read it right! There was a time when we would not believe that there will be devices which will make communications easier for us. Then mobile devices were launched and we started hearing rumours that soon we will be able to talk to people living far away from us and would be able to see them on these devices. And with time it was also proved. But now the technology interventions are going beyond our imaginations. This secret project on which social media giant is working will take the communication to the next level with Facebook Smart Glasses.

Facebook Smart Glasses will Take Technology to Next Level

This revelation was announced in a report published by CNBC which wrote that Facebook will soon be replacing smartphones with smartglasses. In order to make this project a reality, Facebook has partnered with Fashion powerhouse, the parent company of Ray-ban, Luxottica. It means these smart glasses will have cool branded frames that will look appealing when worn.

In order to add much more to the trendy glasses, Google Glass will be working with Luxottica. Well, thought this project will take years to become reality, am so excited to see it. These glasses will probably use Artificial Intelligence and are codenamed, Orion. These glasses will use graphic displays which will enable users to see out from the corners. Users will be able to make live calls and much much more with Facebook AI technology.

This project is in development at Facebook Reality Labs in Redmond, Washington from last some years. According to rumours, these glasses will be released between 2023 to 2025. However, Facebook has not commented on anything about it. Am super excited! Are you?