The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) on Saturday claimed that the local commander of militant organisation, Daesh, and three others, including two women, were killed in an operation near GT Road.

“Four people, including two women and Daesh local commander Zeeshan, have been killed and one child has been injured in the cross-fire,” a CTD spokesperson said.

The suspects were kidnappers and three children were recovered, police said.

“Three terrorists managed to escape and have been identified as Shahid Jabbar, Abdul Rehman and their accomplice,” the spokesperson added.

According to the spokesperson, “A CTD team tried to intercept a car and motorcycle near the toll plaza, however, the people in the car starting firing at them.”

“The operation was conducted as part of the one in Faisalabad which took place on January 16,” the spokesperson further said.

However, eyewitnesses conflicted the CTD’s statements and said the people in the car did not fire at officials.

“There were no weapons found with the bodies,” they said.

The eyewitnesses further said that the children while speaking to them at a nearby petrol station claimed that the “police has killed their parents”.

“Following the firing incident, the police left the children at the petrol station where they spoke to us.

A few minutes later, however, CTD officials returned and took the children with them to an undisclosed location,” the eyewitnesses added.

“The car was coming from Lahore and the women killed were 40 and 13 years respectively,” they further said.

Provincial Minister for Information and Culture Fayyazul Hassan Chohan said, “Within one hour, there will be clarity regarding the incident.”

“IG Punjab has sought a report from the regional police officer regarding the incident,” Chohan added.

Further, according to sources, Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken notice of the incident and sought a report.