Game Changer: Shahid Afridi’s Biography to be Released This Week

Star all-rounder, Shahid Afridi’s autobiography titled ‘Game Changer’ is set to be released at the end of this month in Pakistan. Written by Wajahat Saeed Khan, who is a prominent journalist and a critic, Game Changer promises to be a good read for Boom Boom’s fans.

The biography will be released in India first, due to unknown reasons, on 25th April.

Announcing the news on his official Twitter handle, Afridi said that it was ‘in the works for a couple of years’.

He said that he “tried my [his] best to be honest about my [his] run in the greatest game ever”.

The legendary all-rounder’s career lasted more than 2 decades and it would be interesting to read behind the scene struggles and hard work put in by Afridi.

Every one of his fans is eager for the release and give it a read to get first-hand knowledge of his iconic celebration, his toughest opponents, his favorite innings and what not.