Germany: airport security staff strike, hundreds of flights canceled, the passenger disturbed

Berlin: Germany’s security official’s strike to strike salaries due to which hundreds of flights have to be canceled.

According to details, thousands of passengers are facing serious difficulties due to the security staff strike on eight major airports, including Frankfurt, Germany’s leading airport.

The local news agency said thousands of security staff, who checked the passengers and equipment, had strike for knee 18, which caused hundreds of flights to be canceled.

According to the local media, only 5,000 flights have been suspended due to the strike of more than 5,000 personnel on Frankfurt, Germany’s largest airport.

According to the announcement of Labor Union (DBB, Veddy), security staff of eight airports, including Hamburg, Munich, Leasing, Hanover, and Frankfurt, will be continuing from 2:00 am to 8:00 pm daily.

German media says the presence of security staff at the place of entry into the boarding area will continue till eight o’clock, due to which the passengers will not be able to reach passengers.

Labor unions demand that the security staff as well as public Relations, Customs and HR employees pay 20 euros per hour.

It is clear that the airport security staff in Germany is paid an amount of 11.30 euros and 17.16 euros per hour.

Earlier, the German Airport Association warned relevant officials that due to this strike, on January 15, about 220,000 passengers will be affected on Tuesday, while the flight of the flights will remain intriguing.