Google Doodle Forgets Pakistani Heroes; Is it Accidentally or Intentionally??

Google has the habit of giving tribute to the distinctive personality globally by designing a doodle. It also celebrates special days like earth day, Women day and many such days to highlight the issues related to it. We start our day by opening Google and finding someone from our dear land leaves a very good feeling at the very start of the day. Form the past many years, I feel proud when I look at the search engine giant celebrating my favourite personality on their page. In the past some years, Google has given tributes to some of the famous personalities from Pakistan including Hanif Muhammad, Fatima Surriya Bajia, Mehdi Hassan, Nazia Hassan Noor Jehan and Syed Sadequain. However, from the last two days, something is really pinching me, that is how google forgot to give tribute to Pakistani heroes: Abdul Sattar Eidhi and Fatima Ali Jinnah on their death anniversary.

Alright, I understand that the search engine giant has given tribute to some personalities from showbiz, cricket and Artist. But I believe it forgot the most famous personalities which were worth remembering on their demise day as with their death we lost gems from Pakistan.

The first one in my list is Abdul Sattar Eidhi who had death anniversary yesterday. As usual, I opened up Google, expecting I will find a tribute for renowned humanitarians from Pakistan. Let me mention that Mr Eidhi sahab (RIP) had the largest ambulance network in this whole world and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The man who dedicated his life for noble work had third death anniversary yesterday, but sadly Google forgot to make a doodle for him, tributing him for his services.

Google Doodle: Ignoring Pakistani Heroes Edhi and Fatima Jinnah is Annoying

Well, I ignored it, thinking it might be a mistake until today I realized that the company again forgot to pay tribute to Mother of Pakistan, Fatima Ali Jinnah on her death anniversary. She is the founding members of Pakistan and also the founder of Pakistan Women’s Association. Due to her efforts for this nation, she won the title of Khatoon-e-Pakistan and Mader-e-Millat.

Well, once again it might be a mistake but why the media team of “Google Pakistan” was sleeping? To me, this act is rather more offensive. When millions of people from Pakistan are using these services, which is turning in to revenue for Google, it should have regarded our national heroes by Google Doodle in Pakistan.

I would also like to remind that on International women’s day, Google gave tribute to women from 13 different countries but forgot to mention any great women from Pakistan. So I raise a question, is it accidentally or intentionally? What do you people think? Let us know in the comments section below.