Google is Blocking Malicious Apps in the Play Store

It seems that Google is now getting more serious to fight against “bad actors” and shady developers. The Tech giant has also introduced some new policies and mechanisms in order to protect Android users by preventing malicious and misleading apps from entering into the Play Store. Google has gained some notable success too.

Google is Blocking Malicious Apps in the Play Store

Recently, Google has also introduced new detection methods for identifying potentially malicious or harmful apps. In case any app wants to enter the app store, first, it will be detected whether it is harmful or not. Google has published a set of statistics that show the effects that because of those policies, the number of apps rejected during the submission process has increased by 55 percent and app suspensions have increased to 66 percent.

Andrew Ahn, a product manager for Google Play, said in a post :

“These increases can be attributed to our continued efforts to tighten policies to reduce the number of harmful apps on the Play Store, as well as our investments in automated protections and human review processes that play critical roles in identifying and enforcing on bad apps,”

Google is dealing with the sheer volume of malicious junk in the Play Store by the combination of human effort and machine learning technology. However, the company didn’t provide any absolute numbers for the volume of apps that have been rejected or suspended.