Google Maps Now Shows Metro Bus Routes and Timings in Pakistan

Google Maps is very useful in many situations, especially in Pakistan where traffic conditions and road blockades are common.

Planning your travel and finding shortcuts or alternative routes is also a lot easier and you don’t have to rely on that one friend or relative of yours that knows the way to wherever you’re going. Not to mention the added hassle of explaining where you are and trying to decipher/understand the directions they give you.

New Addition

Today we’re getting another small but important feature for Google Maps in Pakistan, transit routes.

Before this update, you could only plan your route with a car, bicycle or on foot. Now, you will be able to include buses and public transport routes to calculate the time and distance for your routes.

A local guide named Umar Gondal made significant contributions to make the transit routes available. He also submitted the data required to bring this feature online.

Maps will now also tell you the bus arrival/departure times, letting you choose which bus to travel on as well. Other than that, you can also plan your route using Careem or Uber, making things more efficient and easier.

Multan Metro Only (For Now)

It should be noted that this feature is limited to Multan Metro only. We might see this expand to other public transit services and cities in the future.