Google Search Now Shows Timestamps in Video Search Results

Google just announced that it will make searching relevant videos a whole lot easier by changing the way the search engine handles videos. Rather than just listing the related videos, Google will now highlight the most relevant part of the videos. This will be especially useful when it comes to longer videos and documentaries.

The video segments will be highlighted based on timestamps provided by the video creators. Google’s product manager Prashant Baheti wrote:

Videos aren’t skimmable like text, meaning it can be easy to overlook video content altogether. Now, just like we’ve worked to make other types of information more easily accessible, we’re developing new ways to understand and organize video content in Search to make it more useful for you.

In the search results, users will directly be able to see links to the part of the video relevant to their search. However, the only way this will work properly is if the content creators mark the segments of their videos that they want to highlight. This feature is not only available for YouTube videos, rather, for all video platforms. Google has been reportedly working with CBS sports and NDTV who will soon start bookmarking their videos as well.

Will this feature be a success or not depends on the content creators, but Google might shift this role to machine learning since bookmarking and time stamping videos is a tedious task and we don’t know if many video creators will be up to the task.