Google to Discontinue its “Trusted Contacts” App

Recently, Google has announced that it is about to discontinue its emergency location sharing application that is “Trusted Contacts” in December. According to the officials, the company has already removed it from its Google Play Store.

help as soon as possible.

Wave Goodbye to Google’s Trusted Contacts App

Moreover, Google is trying to direct its existing users to experience some similar but less helpful functionalities in Google Maps. Discontinuing the location sharing application is terrible news because trusted users could let you find a friend or a family member even if you are not in contact with them. Google maps need users to broadcasts their current location to you.

Besides this, since 2017, Google Maps has been sharing the real-time location of its users, but still, you have to do constant tracking as well as sharing your location with many people not only with your close friends and family members in case you do not respond.

Furthermore, the Trusted Contacts application allows its users to add as many people to your contact lists who you would like to share your location in case of any emergency immediately.

The company said in a report “More than three years ago, we launched the Trusted Contacts app to help users know where their loved ones are,”

In case of emergency, you can share your location to reassure people in your contact list that you are safe otherwise they will send immediate help on your last shared location.