Govt is Working on a Wildlife Policy to Protect Animals Across Pakistan

The federal government is going to formulate an effective wildlife policy to protect animals from illegal hunting.Animals

The Ministry of Climate Change that was going to table the old policy draft before the cabinet or Council of Common Interest session has now changed its mind and has asked for recommendations and input from all the stakeholders.

According to sources, the government has received several strong recommendations from the stakeholders and has now started to prepare a draft.

Sources from the Ministry of Climate Change said that the new draft includes tighter legislation to protect the wildlife and animal habitat and proposes stricter implications for the existing laws.

The draft proposes an active and collective effort from all provinces, federation, local governments, community members and non-government organizations to protect and conserve wildlife.

It directs the Zoological Survey of Pakistan to continue preparing stat-based periodical reports for wildlife species and their living conditions.

The new draft also includes recommendations for strict measures to ensure the safety of migratory birds, predefined criteria for trophy hunting, preservation of wildlife population, urban wildlife, zoo and safari parks – and prohibition of animal torture.

According to the stats available with ProPakistani, Pakistan is home to around 174 types of mammals and 177 species of reptiles and 668 species of birds. Out of them, over 90 animal species, 50 species of mammals, 27 birds and 17 types of insects are endangered.