Govt of KP  Bans Naswar & Cigarettes in Educational Institutes

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has banned the use of naswar (snuff or quid0) and cigarettes from the educational institutes across the province.

A notification from the secretary Education was issued in this regard.

In the notification, the Education Department of KP has issued directives to all the educational institutes to make the necessary arrangements.

After the ban, which goes into effect immediately, the management of all the colleges and universities will be required to regularly monitor canteens and tuck shops in their premises.

Vigilance teams from the department will make surprise visits to educational institutes to ensure the ban is effective.

“Packets of sugary drinks and other eatables will also be strictly checked. Plus, counseling sessions will be held for the students in this regard to make them realize about the hazards of Naswar and cigarettes,” it read.

Naswar is a moist, powdered tobacco snuff consumed mostly in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Iran.

Smoking, naswar, and use of other drugs including marijuana and ice are prevalent in the educational institutions across the country, but the government has failed to curb the use of narcotics in colleges and universities.

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