Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11 January 2019 written update of full episode: Laxmi and Saru create misunderstanding between Guddan and AJ

As Guddan agrees to dance in the party for her mother-in-law, all the ladies perform on the song ‘Aankh Maare’ from the movie ‘Simbaa’. But AJ doesn’t enjoy that much. Guddan tries to make him dance but he doesn’t. All the boys including Parv also join dancing on the floor. Parv goes to get the box again but Guddan’s mother hits him with the same colour of box. She asks him to propose Revati in front of all for marriage. He is happy that both the boxes are similar to each other so he can hide the masks easily. He warns her not to create a scene as it is Guddan and AJs reception party but he will give the wedding dress to Revati somehow. Laxmi and Saru decide to spoil AJs mood as it is already not good with the dance theme. Saru pushes Guddan on a tray which is held by a waiter with a glass of juice. So the juice gets poured on AJs dress. Guddan gets scared as she knows that AJ will be angry with her. Saru also fuels the issue by saying that Guddan had humiliated AJ earlier by applying cake on his face. One of the guests all tease them on that. Guddan apologizes to AJ. She cleans his dress with a tissue paper. But AJ holds her hand. Parv and Laxmi feel that he will get angry on Guddan a lot. But AJ just says that he will get the dress cleaned on his own and leaves from there. By that time Laxmi asks Saru about the silence in the party. Durga blames Guddan for AJ leaving from the party. A guest tries to humiliate Guddan but her mother in law defends her. Guddan decides to pacify AJ.

Later Laxmi and Saru are happy about whatever happened with Guddan in the party. Laxmi’s golden bangle falls down. Saru goes to pick it up. While she is about to hide it, she is shocked to see Durga sitting beside Laxmi. But Laxmi is not aware that Durga is there. She keeps on talking about Guddan assuming that Saru is sitting beside her. She reveals that Saru pushed Guddan on the waiter. But later she realizes that Durga is sitting beside her. Durga gets angry on both of them for humiliating AJ in front of all in the party. She warns them not to create any more scenes in the party.But still both of them feel that they have done right as they don’t want Guddan to dance along with AJ.

AJ is looking for some other clothes to wear. By that time Guddan enters the room. She tries to pacify him. He gets angry on her as his dress got damaged. Guddan gifts him a new shirt and asks him to get ready with the shirt in the party. But AJ insults her by saying that he doesn’t wear such colour of shirts. But she doesn’t leave pacifying him for the same. But he throws the shirt in anger. Guddan gets hurt with that. She also lets him know that she is doing all to make her grandmother happy. She makes him realize with nice words that she would have worn the dress if he would have gifted to her. Later she goes downstairs in the party.