Hazara University’s new dress code requires female students to avoid jeans jewelry

MANSEHRA – Hazara University has issued a new dress code for male and female students and faculty staff on January 6….

The University has issued a new dress code for all students which prohibit females to wear heavy makeup and jewelry while boys will not be allowed to have a ponytail, notification cited.

The notification said that the female student s will not be allowed to wear jeans, tights and T-shirts. In addition to the newly dress code, they will also be not allowed to wear heavy makeup or jewelry.

The dress code allowed them to wear shalwar kameez, abaya and a headscarf.

For the male students, University barred them to wear shorts, cut-off jeans (sic), skin-fitted jeans, slippers, earrings, wrist chains. Long hair, ponytails and unpresentable beard cut were also not allowed as per the new restriction.

The notification further adds that staff members must abide the new dress code.