Here is how Fawad Khan saved Nadia Jamil’s day

Veteran actress Nadia Jamil is a beauty who gets anxious while flying. Just like many other travellers she gets anxieties. Jamil was all set to fly back to Pakistan for a shoot. She kept her fans on twitter updated with her traveling diaries. She publicly asked PIA to help her through her difficult journey beforehand with a tweet.

After a long and safe journey she was welcomed home. She of course was excited about the delicious food including Nihari and biryani. She posted pictures of her scrumptious food.

Her traveling difficulties were not over she had yet another flight to take, she posted. She kept herself confident and kept telling herself everything will be alright. She thanked PIA for the first safe and comfortable flight. She hoped the same for the next flight.

Jamil tweeted how exhaustion took over and she got two seizures as the plane landed. However this time she heard a voice reassuring how “It’s ok”. It was none other than Fawad Khan!! Fawad saved her day like a gentleman. He opened her suitcase gave her medicines and even waited for Jamil’s brother to pick her. After she was safe he said his goodbyes!!!

More respect for this beautiful human with a beautiful soul!!!