How To Organize Your Gmail Inbox?

Working with Gmail can prove to be really hectic if you don’t have your inbox organized properly. Gmail is the key to all the connectivity today. With countless benefits of it, one disadvantage is that your inbox is stuffed with emails from all the various sites you signed up at, pages and YouTubers you subscribed to and games you have played.

Thus, using the same Gmail account for work may become very difficult. In this article, I will share my struggle towards fighting for a clean and organized Gmail inbox and will teach you to step by step about How To Organize Your Gmail Inbox through one simple method.

Making Categories

There are several ways available on the internet suggesting methods of organizing your Gmail. But I find this one golden way as the simplest and quickest to follow and organise your Gmail inbox. And I will take you along the journey from a messed up inbox to an organized inbox. Let’s Do It!

This is what my Inbox looks like before I have treated it with anything. You can notice that it is an explicit form of mail ‘fruit chaat‘. Important, unimportant, promotions, updates, social, primary, all sorts of mail is mixed and gathered at a single place. Let’s sort them out and organize them.

1. Go To Settings

2. Go To Inbox

3. Check The Categories

Check all the categories you find relevant to the nature of the emails you receive. DO NOT FORGET to Scroll down and click ‘Save Settings’.

You Are Done!

All your mail has been organised as per their categories. There are several other modes by which you can further organise your inbox. But as for me, this is enough organisation and I don’t need any further amendments. This article is specially designed to keep it simple. Because all the articles I went through had complex methods and I find this method of my own way simpler and quicker.

If you find it useful and it helps to make your professional life a bit easier, appreciate my efforts via your supportive comments and help me improve through constructive criticism.