How to reset your Android smartphone before you sell it


Buying a new smartphone is something that gets everyone excited. While doing enough research to buy the right offering based on our requirements is very essential, it is equally important to be sure that our old handset does not have any data. In most cases, people either choose to sell their old smartphones for a lesser value, give it to someone known for using it or use it for getting a good exchange offer on their new device. Whatever the case might be with you, you don’t want the new owner of your old smartphone to have access to your data. To make sure that they don’t, you need to reset your Android smartphone to its factory conditions before you give it away.

Although the process is a very simple one, an alarming number of people do not know how to do it. Here, we are stating all the steps that you need to follow in order to rest your Android smartphone to its factory settings. While the steps are written for Pixel 3a handset, they should be more or less the same for any other Android smartphone. Before you reset your device you must take a backup of all your data or transfer it to your new smartphone. Once your old Android smartphone has been reset to its factory conditions, there will be no way of retrieving the lost data.

Once you are ready though, you need to follow these steps to reset your Android smartphone to its factory condition:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Head to System > Advanced > Reset options.
  • You will now see three options: ‘Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth’, ‘Reset app preferences’ and ‘Erase all data (factory reset)’. Choose ‘Erase all data (factory reset)’ in order to delete all the data from your Android smartphone.
  • Once you choose the option, you will get a warning that all the data from your smartphone will be deleted and your accounts will be removed from the device too. Select the option of ‘Reset phone’ to go ahead with it.
  • In case you have set a password on your device, you will be asked to enter that too.
  • You will then be asked again if you are sure you want to delete everything. Here, just press the option of ‘Erase everything’.
  • Once you do this, it will take two or three to reset your Android device to its factory settings.