How to reset your iPhone?

Resetting your device is a complex process. Just like your computer, you might have to reset your iPhone for several reasons. There are different ways of resetting your Apple iPhone. One is a basic restart, a more comprehensive reset and sometimes you might just need to delete all your content and start your device afresh as if it were new. In iPhones however, resetting doesn’t usually lead to deleting of data.

There are different ways of resetting for different iPhone versions. First let us tell you about how restart your device in case you have an iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Follow these steps:
1) Hold the Sleep/Wake button and at the same time press the volume down button
2) A Power off slider will appear. Move that slider from left to right.
That’s it. This method comes in handy in order to solve problems like poor WiFi connectivity. However, there can be times when your phone doesn’t respond to the power off button.

In such a case one needs to resort to the hard-reset method. To hard reset follow the steps given below:
1) Click and release the volume up button
2) Click and release the volume down button
3) Now hold the sleep/wake button. Your phone should restart now.

For other iPhone models the normal way to reset is to hold down the sleep/wake button. When the power off slider appears, then swipe it from left to right. After this, hold the sleep/wake button until the device is switched on.In case of hard resetting, you need to hold the sleep/wake button and home button at the same time. Keep pressing them, until the Apple Logo appears. Note that you should not let go of the buttons even if the power slider appears. Once this happens, let go off the buttons. Your work is done.