How to stop Facebook from Tracking your Location on Android

From some years, Facebook has remained on limelight, due to its data tracking issue and extracting user’s personal info. So far the social media giant is not successful in clearing its position but in order to do so it keeps on launching new features on an off related to data security. This time Facebook has launched a new privacy control feature for Android users that will prevent the app to access the user’s location when they are not using the app.

Facebook for Android will No Long Use your Location without your Consent

This development has come after a new broke out that Facebook security team has used location information to track missing interns. After this new, the internet broke with fire and users were very frightened. When it comes to Android, granting your location to an app means either granting everything or preventing the app means to stop it totally. The apps ask your permission to use your location, but there is no option to show when your location will be used.

Now with a simple toggle button, you can deny or approve if the app can access your location or not. When it comes to iOS, Apple already allows it, users, to select whether an app can use your location in the background or not so this feature is not launched for them. However, Facebook will be sending location setting to both Android and iOS users for them to track whether their location is being used or not.

How to stop Facebook from Tracking your Location on Android When you are not Using the App:

Follow these steps:

  • Open Facebook on your Android phone.
  • You should see a notification that looks like the one above, tap “Manage Settings.”
  • Toggle background location to off.

The update is still rolling out, so you might not see that notification yet. If you don’t, you can still turn off full access to Facebook’s ability to track your phone location, even while you’re using the app.

To do that:

  • Tap the settings menu on the top-right. It looks like three bars stacked on top of one another.
  • Choose Settings & Privacy.
  • Select Privacy Shortcuts.
  • Choose Manage your location settings.
  • Turn location tracking off.

Tough Facebook is trying to cut off the app from tracking users location but on the other hand, it is also experimenting the location tracking via Instagram which can tell where the user is going.