I Would start living in the plane if get a chance: PIA’s first Kashmiri female pilot

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) first female pilot from Kashmir has shared her passion for her job saying: “I’d start living in an aeroplane if get a chance.”

In a video interview given on Thursday, Maryam Mujtaba, said that being a pilot is her dream job, adding, “From a young age I always wanted to do this.”

She went on to say: “Once my parents knew that I wanted to become a pilot, they encouraged me and sent me to flying school.”
Maryam added that once she completed her CPL course, she saw a job opening at PIA. “I sat for the test and got the job and have been working for them ever since.”
When asked about one item she never forgets to travel with, she replied:”It has to be the Holy Quran, I always take it along with me on trips.”

When the interviewer further inquired Maryam if she is allowed to make any personal modifications in the cockpit, she said that there are certain standard operating procedures which need to be followed at any cost,” adding, “No… I don’t make any modifications.”

In the cockpit, the Kashmiri pilot went on to say, if a crew member is incapacitated then another one needs to remain in control for the aircraft’s landing.

Maryam shared an anecdote that once when she was pilot on an ATR bound for Bahawalpur, a female passenger was concerned that she was in control of the plane.

However, once she successfully landed the plane to its destination, the passenger came up to her and took photos with her and showered her with blessings.