Imran Khan is upset that people are making fun of his chicken idea

Why is it okay when Bill Gates says it, asks Imran Khan
On November 29, Imran Khan gave a speech on his government’s progress in the first 100 days of his tenure as Pakistan’s PM.

He spoke about life as the new PM, tackling corruption… and chickens.

Guess which one Twitter latched on to?

Pakistani Twitter could not comprehend Imran’s plans for the local poultry industry and seized the moment to have a laugh.

The memes and comparison began.

And people were not holding back.

Imran Khan clearly did not enjoy the humour and actually had a clapback ready in hand.

He called out his critics for their hypocrisy, posting an article about Bill Gates’ poverty alleviation strategy involving poultry farming to empower impoverished families .

Says Khan in his tweet, “For the colonised minds ,when desis talk about chickens combating poverty they get mocked, but when “walaitis” [foreigners] talk about desi chicken and poverty it’s brilliance!”

Despite continuous mockery, many did share the article and supported Imran Khan’s statement. But perhaps had he phrased his plans for the poultry industry better, he wouldn’t have been met with such humour. After all, Bill Gates didn’t announce his plans during a political speech.

Also, chickens are kinda funny.