India’s Training Drill for Modi’s Safety Will Leave You Laughing and Confused

A country’s armed forces are always ready to save high-profile personalities in case of any act of aggression at big gatherings. India is also ready to escort their Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to safety.

Don’t believe me? You will, after reading this piece. Or maybe not. Let’s find out how well-prepared they are.

I recently came across this video on social media which shows how Modi ji will be kept safe in case of an armed attack. This may be old, but that does not matter, because it is going to crack you up. I laughed way too hard and I’m sure, you will too.

Have a look:

Let’s just break it down.

A VIP car escorts Indian PM to the venue. It is very well-guarded by 4 armed forces personnel, walking alongside the vehicle.

The venue is prone to sniper attack, as per the video. The security head gets out of the car and inspects the venue following which he gives the green signal to the dignitary to come out of the car. Modi ji goes to the rostrum in 360-degree security.

Oh, and the real Modi ji is also witnessing this display. He must be laughing inside.

Armed militants open fire. Achanak Hamla.

Modi ji runs like hell, surrounded by security personnel and gets into the car. The VIP convoy tries to get clear. PM is in the center car.

One of the guards is left behind. He runs and runs and the cars are slow enough to allow him to jump inside from the rear backdoor window. It was a wow moment for me though.

And suddenly, a bara dhamaka, much like the news, takes place meters away from the front car. The driver knew it was planned so he applies brakes well before the blast. He is pretty smart for a driver to be honest.

The commentary is a treat to the ears, trust me.

All three cars take a reverse and a wonderful 180-degree synchronized turn. Two militant cars are chasing the VIP vehicles and they go round and round around the venue. Reminds me of my childhood where amusement parks used to offer such car rides.

And then militants stop their cars for the armed forces to knock them out and take their PM to safety. Oh, and I couldn’t quite comprehend the windscreen shattering jumps and the backflips from the bonnet.

Modi ji is nowhere to be seen. He’s safely home.