Indonesia is Using Air Force Fighter Jets to Wake Citizens for Sehri

In an interesting announcement made through the Indonesian Air Force’s official Twitter account, Indonesia will use its fighter jets to wake up its citizens for sehri during Ramazan.

The tweet (translated in English) reads “God willing, we will carry out the tradition to wake people up for sahur using fighter aircraft.”\

It’s an old tradition in Indonesia to wake people for sehri with loud drum beating and horn blowing. Groups of children and young men yell and bang on tambourines and drums to stir the sleeping residents of cities for the pre-dawn meal.

Low flying Jets with afterburners will produce noise over the major cities of the country, including Surabaya in East Java, Surakarta, Klaten and Sragen in Central Java and Yogyakarta.

The official spokesman of the air force explained that fighter pilots are not allowed to fly during fasting due to low sugar levels. Pre-dawn training exercises can overcome this limitation and lets the airforce contribute in the national tradition as well.

The Indonesian Air force is equipped with quite a few F-16, SU27, SU30 and T50 trainer aircrafts

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